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Cours de langue
method and CEFR
Programs, materials and tools


inlingua® Luxembourg

inlingua method and CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Our objectives

To enable you to benefit from a unique service and linguistic expertise. Thanks to the rigorous training and supervision of our trainers, our teaching department guarantees the satisfaction of our trainees, with whom we conduct quality surveys. The personal link with the client is at the forefront of providing the highest quality language services and solutions.

Our trainers

Native speakers or perfect bilinguals are supervised by our Director of Studies. They receive intensive training in the inlingua® direct method and then complete their profiles throughout the year with our continuous training courses. This highly qualified, passionate and committed team brings their knowledge, practical business experience and interpersonal skills to make your training a unique, effective and enjoyable experience.


Our method

Used in over 300 centres worldwide, the inlingua® material and method offers you the fastest and most effective approach. Priority is given to oral skills by giving you the floor and using concrete examples. We adapt to the learner's needs and weaknesses in order to optimize their potential and achieve speaking and thinking in the target language. The inlingua® language levels are in accordance with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (an international standard for describing language skills. It describes language skills on a six-point scale, from A1 for beginners to C2 for those who have mastered a language.

Our quality management

The services of inlingua® Luxembourg are subject to the control of inlingua® International, whose criteria, which are standardized worldwide, are rigorously evaluated and verified each year in order to obtain the "inlingua quality certificate". The inlingua® training courses are continuously monitored and include reports, which allow the progress of the employees to be tracked and recorded. We also ask learners to fill in an intermediate questionnaire (after a few sessions) to communicate their impressions of the course, criticisms and possible suggestions in order to immediately make the necessary improvements; as well as a questionnaire at the end of each training module.


Inlingua® World : "Crossing language barriers »

inlingua® international is the leader in the field of independent learning centres with over 300 centres in 44 countries. With this network, inlingua® Luxembourg is a reference in continuing language training in Luxembourg and the greater region and guarantees a highly professional standard of language learning with a wide range of options adapted to your needs, such as online or tailor-made learning solutions, in order to improve your general or professional language skills.

Our programs, materials and tools

Our programs :

General language: daily communication needs (classic)

Specific language: specific communication needs (trade)

Language coaching (preparation): specific preparation needs (job interviews, thesis writing, exam preparation, etc.)

Tailor Made: combined needs for traditional and specific language skills

Tutoring: need for help with homework, acquisition of skills related to the school curriculum

Playful: for progress via a fun approach through games (we use the "Gamification" game mechanisms in our learning situations)

inlingua® course books :

Designed as support material for language training sessions, they are adapted to the level, language structure, vocabulary and topic chosen by the learner. Each course book contains audio exercises.

inlingua® e-books :

inlingua® has joined a platform of digital learning materials to offer you a full range of features.

The Beook application

More than a simple e-book (full-text search, continuous text display, multimedia, integrated exercises, personal pages, updates without loss of data, etc.), it allows the creation of groups of learners and the sharing of additional content with them, such as images, PDFs, audio, external links, etc.


  • Available on all platforms

  • Interactive exercises

  • Integrated audio and video

  • Customizable notes and annotations

  • Ability to add personal pages

  • Ability to create learner groups

  • Ability to share content with groups of learners

  • Offline use


  • Tailored to skills and needs, full manual or customized units

  • Mobile platforms (Android and iOS)

  • Interactive exercises with audio and automatic correction

  • Allows you to work on speech and listening comprehension

  • Offline use

Our my.inlingua platform :

For your online courses, inlingua® has developed its own interactive platform my.inlingua.

The platform allows you to create your own online course, to access the MY.LAB application (interactive and personalized exercises to complete the learning process independently with automatic corrections) and all the various resources (workbook, grammatical references, video, dictionary, translator, assistant to work on pronunciation according to the different accents, links to articles, etc.) as well as to communicate with your trainer and your team via the integrated messaging system.


Our my.Lab application: An immediate, dynamic and modern tool!

  • on computer, smartphone or tablet

  • personalized interactive online exercises

  • adapted to needs and levels

  • complete the learning process independently

  • learning time optimized by immediate correction

  • helps to improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

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