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Certificates, partners and affiliations


Our certificates, partners and affiliations

Meeting the quality criteria, inlingua® Luxembourg is affiliated with the following services :

inlingua® « Quality certificate »

The services of inlingua® Luxembourg are subject to the control of inlingua® International, whose globally standardized criteria are rigorously evaluated and checked each year to obtain the "inlingua quality certificate". The quality of service of our centre is checked in all areas of the inlingua quality service, namely Management, sales and marketing activities, customer satisfaction, service performance, administration, premises and equipment and the following:

the use of inlingua® training material, the application of the inlingua® didactic method and the training of teachers in its use, the preservation of high quality standards in all services offered, the search for feedback from clients in order to improve the services as much as possible.

Label « made in Luxembourg »

Consisting of a name and a logo, this trademark registered since 1984 on the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts, serves to identify the Luxembourg origin of products and services. We are labelled because we are affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce and have been based in Luxembourg for 30 years.

The association defends the professional interests of its members with public authorities and institutions at national and supranational level while working for the high quality of the training sector as its representative professional organisation in Luxembourg. We encourage and promote investment in the sector and contribute to the development of public policies on vocational training, integration and guidance, collective agreements and accords. We are committed to the creation of a code of ethics and quality as well as a private certification system valid for the whole sector.

For 30 years, the training information centre has been dedicated to highlighting the importance of continuing vocational training in the changing socio-economic context: by facilitating access to information, accompanying companies and carrying out studies to contribute to the improvement of the education and continuing training system. Its "Lifelong-Learning" portal is the Luxembourg reference site for lifelong learning with more than 10,000 training offers provided by 308 providers  >> See our ads. The platform puts individuals and training organizations in touch with each other and also centralizes information on current (events, laws, practices and the training environment).

Accreditation of Luxembourg language programs for nationals by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

In accordance with the provisions of the law of 8 March 2017 on Luxembourg nationality, inlingua® Luxembourg is accredited by the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth. (In the context of an application for Luxembourg nationality by option for a person of legal age who has been residing in Luxembourg for at least 20 years, participation in a Luxembourg language course accredited by the Minister is required).

Accreditation of examination programs of the CCIP (Chambre de Commerce et d’industrie de Paris île de France)

inlingua® Luxembourg is accredited by the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its examination programmes

>> find us. 

(In the context of an application for immigration to Canada, for a French residency card / Naturalisation, for studies in France or in order to certify your skills in a specific sector, the passing of a Test d'Evaluation du Français or of a Diplôme de Français Professionnel is required; >> our announcement). A pioneer in certification, the Chamber and its portal "Le français des affaires" work to promote French as a language of professional opportunities by offering to certify the ability to work in French and by training in the teaching and assessment of professional French.

To develop and encourage commercial/industrial exchanges between France and Luxembourg, the chamber informs about markets and business practices and puts in touch the business communities/authorities, its providers and potential partners. It has over 250 member companies.

The flagship institution of Luxembourg's business and economy. With 90,000 members (75% of salaried employment and 80% of Luxembourg's GDP), it brings together all companies operating in the industrial, commercial, banking and financial, service, insurance and hospitality sectors. It accompanies them to enable them to develop while meeting the challenges of the future. Its mission is also to contribute "to reinforcing the attractiveness of the Grand Duchy as a dynamic, prosperous and sustainable economic centre and source of well-being for all". Its main mission is to protect the interests of Luxembourg companies and the economy, and it has the status of a public establishment.

"Employers' organisation dedicated to private enterprise at the heart of the country's economy and history.”

It represents 11,000 federations and companies (100,000 employees and 22% of GDP) from the trade, transport and services sectors established in Luxembourg.

Its mission is to serve, represent and defend the interests of companies before national and supranational institutions.

All employees, apprentices and pensioners who work or have worked in Luxembourg, whether resident or cross-border (apart from civil servants and public employees), are members of the CSL, which currently has over 580,000 members. Its tasks are to represent employees by providing advice (on draft laws and regulations), information (with a series of publications on the world of work), and training (initially, by helping to organise vocational education for future employees and continually, by offering training for adults).

The largest private chamber of commerce in Luxembourg, which nevertheless focuses on the Luxembourg economy as a whole by offering its 350 member companies (30% American, 20% purely Luxembourgish and 50% from all over the world) English-speaking networking, information on how Luxembourg works, help and advice on various issues relating to current policies and practices.

Collaborative purchasing group made up of some fifty independent companies offering dozens of contracts for multiple products and services negotiated according to specifications with significant and immediately available price reductions, to facilitate the work of buyers and managers.

Administrative management software, which also allows us to directly connect training managers and learners with their trainers and the training material at their disposal.

Sharing the values of Kideaz, we are members of the reference site for families! To find varied and original ideas with a selection of all the good plans in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, but also services such as a crèche, a home, a swimming pool or a restaurant where to go with the family. Rich, relevant and useful content to facilitate the daily life of families. >> find us

Platform listing more than 900 good deals, privileges and advantages (discounted tickets, permanent discounts in local and large stores and flash offers) from their partner members in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

National online sales platform, allowing Luxembourg's merchant members to present themselves and their products for sale.

Training aid measures

How can I finance my language training?

Our careers require us to train throughout our lives. Any individual who wishes to progress within his or her company is encouraged to improve in his or her field. However, as the crisis has shown, good training requires a certain cost and the question of budget very quickly becomes a criterion in the final decision to start a course. This is why the Luxembourg government offers to deduct training costs when they are intended to improve knowledge. We can distinguish 2 types of aid for companies and individuals.

Aid for companies

The Luxembourg State, through the INFPC, covers part of the costs of in-company training, i.e. co-financing. Each company can benefit from a contribution; to calculate this, go to


"The INFPC assists companies applying for public aid for training by providing them with an information and support service.

Established under the law on vocational training for private sector companies legally constituted in Luxembourg, this aid amounted to 15% of the annual taxable amount invested in employee training. It is increased to 20% for wage costs for unskilled workers and employees over 45 years of age.”

Aid to individuals

The State allows anyone wishing to improve their skills to benefit from :

INFOLINE +352 26 20 40

For more information, please fill in our contact form.
Training aid measures
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