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Solo Package inlingua
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Individual courses

Solo Package inlingua®

A complete offer representing the best way to learn or progress at your own pace, with a personalised programme for targeted progress, while respecting the standards of the inlingua® method.

Included in the course: registration fee, learning material and access to myLab (interactive and personalised online tools and exercises)

All Virtual Package inlingua®

Our Virtual Classroom provides a unique learning experience: an online language course tailored to your needs (tailor-made program and advantages of the inlingua® method) with an experienced inlingua® trainer, via our new my.inlingua platform.


Included in the course: registration fee, learning material and access to myLab (online, interactive and personalized tools and exercises)

Crash Intensity Program inlingua®

To improve your language level in a short period of time (one week) while maintaining the advantages of individual training and the inlingua® method. The program is personalized for a targeted progression, responding to particular needs.


27.5 Hours

35 Hours

09:00 am - 12:00 pm



12:00 - 13:00 pm

Lunch with your trainer

01:00 - 03:00 pm



03:30 - 05:00 pm



Solo Tailormade inlingua®

To compose the course that best suits your specific needs (business language, report writing, email, etc.) and take advantage of the benefits of individual tuition and our inlingua® method.


Learn to communicate by practising the language and the necessary skills in real life and professional situations.


Interactive Email/Phone inlingua®

Our inlingua® interactive Email formula is ideal for practicing writing, both in general and specific languages.


Training by email allows you to pace your learning according to your availability and needs. Programme and total number of emails can be customized. Price per email. (A2 level recommended).


Our inlingua® interactive Phone formula offers you the challenge of communicating at a distance while progressing in the language, whether general or specific. Tailor-made programme and module. 30-minute session.

inlingua® Language Stay

Going abroad to learn a language as part of a language stay.


For all those who, in addition to the language, also want to discover the country, its people and its culture; Want to learn a language and use it straight away; and want to combine business with pleasure.


As part of your educational leave, you can book a course in total immersion in the country of the language you wish to study.


inlingua® international : one of the leaders in language training worldwide. Founded in 1968, our network, whose head office is located in Bern, Switzerland, now has more than 300 centres in more than 40 countries (Europe, Asia, North and South America and the Middle East). More information can be found at or from your inlingua Luxembourg consultant.


Some of these inlingua® training centres specialize in intensive on-site language courses for participants from abroad. This is an opportunity to put the lessons into practice immediately - for example, in one of the many leisure activities on offer - and to immerse yourself fully in a foreign language. Although mainly for adults, some centres accept teenagers for specialized programs.

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Crash Intensity Programm inlingua
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Interactive Email/Phone inlingua
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