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How to finance your language training ?

Our professional career requires us to train ourselves continuously throughout our lives. Training enables each individual, who wants to progress within their company,to improve their skills within their field.  Nevertheless, good training comes at a cost, and the question of budget very soon becomes one of the criteria when making the decision to start a course.

This is why the Luxemburgish State offers to deduct the cost of training from your tax when it is designed to improve your knowledge. There are 2 types of assistance, for businesses & individuals

Assistance for Businesses

The Luxemburgish State, through its intermediary the l’INFPC, takes care of part of the in-company training costs, by way of co-financement. Each company can benefit from a contribution of up to 20 % gross (14 % net) of the total investment. This assistance can be explained in two ways :

  • A direct assistance of 20 % gross
  • A reduction in tax of 14 % of the total investment


Assistance for individuals

The State allows each person wishing to improve their skills for their own benefit an annual fixed reduction of 540 €. Learning a language to improve oneself falls within this category.

Attention This reduction is not available to people looking for work.

Our language training consultants at inlingua® Luxembourg would be happy to advise you on the steps to take to benefit from this fiscal advantage.

To learn more: http://www.guichet.public.lu/citoyens/fr/actualites/2012/01/05-depenses-deductibles/index.html

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