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Welcome to the LVC Placement Test

Please complete the placement test to determine your English level. Based on the results, our consultants will identify the ideal course for you.

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1) John and Mary _______ teachers.
2) _______'s your first name?
3) When _______ have breakfast?
4) He's very happy but he _______ very quiet.
5) How many children _______ got?
6) You _______ buy shoes in a police station.
7) There is _______ butter in the fridge.
8) My birthday is on July _______.
9) _______ did you last see them?
10) He stayed at the _______ hotel in town.
11) What _______ doing at the moment?
12) She _______ to move to another country.
13) I don't feel well. I _______ take some medicine.
14) He _______ fly to Japan.
15) Sam _______ gets up at 6 o'clock and leaves for work at 7 o'clock. He does this every day from Monday to Friday.
16) Are you _______ the new film at the cinema?
17) You _______ be late for school again.
18) We should avoid _______ in December.
19) We haven't seen them _______ years.
20) He's moving to Germany _______ he can study German.
21) I don't have _______ to do the things I enjoy.
22) I think travelling by plane is _______ easier than travelling by car.
23) I _______ that I'm like my mother.
24) What _______ happen if he doesn't get here in time?
25) What would they do if they _______ have any money?
26) When _______ arrive?
27) I _______ so tired that I went to bed shortly after dinner.
28) They realised they _______ to take her address so they had to go back and get it.
29) Do you think they _______ the championship?
30) You _______ enter the marathon if you don't want to.
31) Swimming is one of the _______ ways to get fit.
32) His father was a famous writer, _______?
33) He _______ see the film if he went with an adult.
34) He _______ swim by the time he was five but he hasn't learnt to dive yet.
35) They seem to have _______ money but they don't have many friends.
36) I've got a new job, _______ is why I've moved to Brussels.
37) Their furniture _______ by Anne's husband, who used to be a carpenter.
38) He promised _______ me decorate my house.
39) _______ if you'd like to meet up tomorrow.
40) Billy _______ watching motorbike races.
41) You should _______ what to do when you get to the office.
42) If only _______ a foreign language. I didn't have the choice at school.
43) He _______ hungry when he gets home from football practice.
44) The children played in the garden with _______ ball I'd given them.
45) We had very little petrol left in the car but we _______ get home in the end.
46) _______ of people rely on public transport to get to work these days.
47) If she _______ to be fluent in French she could have applied for the job.
48) You'd _______ late for work again or you'll get fired.
49) Do you ever regret _______ Canada and returning to your home country?
50) I wasn't keen on the restaurant _______ we went to last weekend.

Thank you for completing the LVC Placement Test.

We will contact you soon with the results of the test.



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