The inlingua method


Take language lessons with the inlingua method

Our language schools, in Luxembourg and also in Esch-sur-Alzette offer a method of teaching that is used in more than 300 centres throughout the world. This way of learning a language is a recognised international educational method, that was designed at our head-office in Bern, and that is constantly evolving. It is always delivered by our team of qualified teachers.

The teachers: The central element of our way of working

  • Our teachers are chosen for their professionalism, their interpersonal skills and their intercultural knowledge
  • Native or bilingual speakers, they teach the language and convey the culture
  • University degrees or equivalent BAC + 5
  • Strong professional experience in their country of origin
  • Specialists in adult training with continuous training in the latest techniques
  • Trained in the direct method of learning, and in the newest and most efficient techniques of delivering language training.

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The inlingua® method is based on 10 criteria:

Native speakers

Our teachers do not translate. The objective is to make you understand a word, a sentence, or a description in its context. Don’t worry, we apply this method progressively so that each person can progress at their own pace.Therefore you will stop translating each phrase before speaking.




Speaking is the priority

We believe that in order to use a language correctly, the priority is to know how to speak it. Our courses also allow you to read and write, but the backbone of the course is speaking. In this way, our teachers will ensure that every student is able to pronounce every word, phrase and expression correctly, before moving on seamlessly to the next lesson.
If you have difficulties expressing yourself in your target language, discover our Speedlingua programme.



The trainees are the priority

Everyone will be encouraged to use their chosen language actively from the beginning to the end of the course. This point assumes the full participation of each student. The teacher will provide a lively course where everyone will be able to express themselves and to practice as much as possible.




Use of examples

In order to increase everyone’s participation, our teachers will use examples to help students to understand the context of the expressions being used. We prefer to use context to explain a grammar rule rather than to give hand outs and move on to another point




Flexible learning

As our way of working is used in more than 300 centres throughout the world, the method can be adapted to each person’s objectives. Think global, act local!




The importance of autonomy

You understand that our students play an important role in the success of their training. All of our efforts are concentrated on providing a positive atmosphere which will ensure optimum progression for the student. There are no wrong answers at our language school. We guarantee your permanent improvement.




Adapted for each level

Our way of working adapts itself to the level of each learner. If a student already uses a word or an expression, we re-start from where they stopped and move on to the next grammar point.



A variety of situations

We encourage each student to express their point of view while they are learning a language to allow them to make progress in a variety of situations.




An open way of working

Our course objectives are clearly fixed by our programmes and our training supports. Nevertheless sometimes a particular training course requires a different method, such as preparation for an international exam, or coaching. This is why our trainers are able to use different methods and programmes.




The books stay closed

The inlingua method is essentially an oral method. Each element is introduced through speaking, writing is done when the objective of the lesson has been achieved. Our books have only one objective: to teach through reading (to understand the language), and writing (to use and apply the target language).





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