In parallel with our classical language courses, inlingua can offer you different online tools that will enable you to make progress using our different language training methods.

On-line course via Webex

Our individual language training is accessible via the Webex.platform. It is an on-line course with a real teacher, using the inlingua method, which will help you to make good progress. Moreover, it uses a range of documents (images, video, white board, etc …) to enable you to improve in your chosen language.

Attention, we do not recommend this format of courses to beginners.

Improve your grammar and your vocabulary with inlingua online (iOL)

iOL is an interactive platform which builds on the language course you are having with your teacher,  iOL allows you to extend the length of your course, by reviewing the grammar rules, spelling words, or simply by using it as a dictionary. It is available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, The iOL solution has many advantages :

  • Learn when you want to : iOL is accessible 24h hours a day. It is possible to revise your grammar rules at home, after a meal, at the weekend on your terrace or on the train before an important meeting. Forgotten a rule? Connect to iOL quickly and find the explanation immediately.
  • Continue to study even after your course has finished with our monthly subscription option.
  • For companies : Follow your employee’s progress with our integrated management system.

System available on Windows, Mac, phone and tablet





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